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Heart Attack

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Entry Name: Heart Attack

Name: Maximus

Admin Note:  All is as intended by the author.  Nothing is being downloaded to your machine (its simply an animation) and the 'broken' buttons and images are intentional as well.  You get the entry name now?



Dmytro said:

This is scary!

No way you would post a site like this officially!
11:34 AM on March 6, 2006

Maximus said:

Dmytro, thank you, will do something harmless next time.
12:26 PM on March 6, 2006

donavon said:

I can appreciate the humor in your entry. I like it!
1:56 PM on March 6, 2006

Maimus said:

Donavon, thank you, i really like your catroon/comix style. It's a coMIX, right?
2:06 PM on March 6, 2006

donavon said:

Thanks. Yes, it's pronounced "comics" and I got my inspiration from old Spider-Man/Superman comic books.
4:17 PM on March 6, 2006

Ian said:

All that's missing is a "Click here for lower mortgage rates" banner.

Overall very cool. I like the concept.
9:26 PM on March 9, 2006

DWS said:

Try adding this
/* known bug well at least I've know it for years hopefully gone in IE7*/
BODY P:first-letter
font-size: 130%;
12:28 PM on March 12, 2006

rajesh lal said:

VERY VERY CREATIVE AND GREAT WORK, i know won't have a mass apeal, but i loved it.
12:59 PM on March 14, 2006

TOP SIX IN MIX06 said:

5:53 PM on March 14, 2006