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Entry Name: Bliss06

Name: donavon



TCarnright said:

Donovan - this one is totally awesome! Your great sense of humor, wildly creative genius, and talent to pull it all together have come through with shining colors. Enjoy Vegas!

9:51 AM on March 11, 2006

Max Garneau said:

Wow! wow! wow! Excellent! 5 stars +

Very original design!
11:53 AM on March 11, 2006

Ian said:

Friggin Sweet Dudeguy!

Everything is great. The menu, the icons, you even made the task tray icons animated.

5 stars.

BTW: Donovan, you can stop making good designs any day now. Didn't you already win an XBox 360 from the live.com contents? He he he. Good Luck.
9:26 PM on March 11, 2006

Dmytro said:

Oh man, even i like it! (I am picky) but this one, tell you the truth blew me away, something really out of the box.
9:34 PM on March 11, 2006

donavon said:

Wow! Thanks SO MUCH guys for the overwhelming praise. I'm truly blown away by it. It was a blast coming up with cool things to do with the links, etc. I kept saying to my girlfriend, "oh! look at this, look at this!". I bet she'll be glad when this contest is over!

Yes Ian (as you already know), I did win an Xbox from a gadget contest which I gave away to a good cause:

If by some change I win one of the *pimped out* Xboxes, I'm keeping this one! :)
10:32 PM on March 11, 2006

Ian said:

That's awesome Donavon! I wasn't aware that you donated it to the Ronald McDonald house.
12:47 AM on March 12, 2006

DWS said:

Would Have loved to see the rotate_background open in a window somewhere. Still gets excellent vote.
12:03 PM on March 12, 2006

MaX said:

You have really done a great job getting it all together that way! I think its very fun! But to be honest with you that's about all that it is! You have done almost no design work your self! It's a very funny idea but I can't see it as a worthy winner of a design contest! Sorry for that!
2:24 PM on March 13, 2006

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5:52 PM on March 14, 2006