Mix 06
  • Live in Vegas

The Sandbox: A place to explore, learn, teach and relax.

Want to play around with the technologies you've learned about at MIX while you're attending MIX and even after MIX has ended? How about doing so in a relaxing, non-laboratory, non-clinical environment? If the answer to either question is yes, then the MIX06 Sandbox is the place to be. We'll have more than 60 machines where you can sit down and play with “Atlas”, Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation, RSS Platform and many other technologies. Each technology will have people from the respective product team on hand to assist and converse.

Hey, are you interested in Windows Vista? Head on over to the Vista Lounge and see some of the super cool applications that partner companies are building to take advantage of some of the new features of Windows Vista and the WinFX platform. Check out Windows Media Center Edition demos and SDK walkthroughs. Heck, we'll even have some XBOX 360s for you to play with! 

Do you have something you'd like to share with other attendees, like a cool app or design or just an idea or two? The Sharing Station in the Sandbox is just the place for you! Just bring your laptop, plug into the projection system, speak your mind, and show your stuff!

Want to test your site with IE7? Visit the IE7 Compatibility Lab in the Sandbox and meet with the IE team, who will help you isolate, identify, and work out issues.

The Sandbox: A place to explore, learn, teach and relax. Come on in and play.

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