Mix 06
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That's a Wrap!

The MIX team at Microsoft is going through withdrawals.  First we were in denial; some of us refused to leave Vegas for days.  Then there was anger.  “How "%$@^##& dare you not expect me to work 18 hours a day on MIX?”  Next came bargaining.  “Oh, please, please let me keep working on MIX, if you do I promise to be your wingman at TAO for life.”  Then we were depressed.  What's the point of getting out of bed in the morning if you don't have Marc Canter asking you for APIs?  And now . . . we are starting to accept that MIX is over, it was a blast, it was a success and it's officially part of our history.  But hope springs eternal; we've already had our first meeting to talk about the next MIX.  YAY! 

But seriously, thanks to everyone who attended, spoke at, worked on, wrote and talked about MIX.  Not only did we have a ball, but from what we are hearing in the community you did too.  We tried really hard to make this a different conference, something you wouldn't expect from Microsoft, and we think/hope/believe we took a few baby steps in the right direction.  We learned a ton, just a mountain of new experiences and opinions were shared with us at the conference, and we think we can do even better next time.  And we hope you join us for the next ride we take. 

In the meantime, you can watch the keynotes (Bill Gates, Dean Hachamovitch, and Joe Belfiore) on Virtual MIX and the sessions will be streamed in about 3 weeks.  The slide decks and some of the Sandbox materials are posted at https://content.mix06.com/content/sessions.aspx.  We'll also try to keep Virtual MIX up to date as new content is made available so we can keep the conversation going.

Thanks to each and every one of you for making MIX a success.

Viva MIX! 

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