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IE7 Compat Lab at MIX06

MIX06 will be a great place to learn about the latest technologies for building seamless, immersive end-to-end user experiences that reach your audience wherever they are.  And it's a chance to mix it up with leading designers and implementors from across the industry.  But we wanted to make good use of all of the IE team members who will be hanging out at the Venetian for the event, so the idea of the IE7 Compat Fest was born.  Internet Explorer is the world's most widely-used web browser, and IE7 makes significant improvements in standards conformance, bringing the goal of standards-first web development closer to reality.  The reduced need to hack around quirks in older browsers, however, means that existing pages written specifically for older browsers may render differently in IE7.  In addition, IE7 includes a number of new security features which may have impact on binary extensions such as toolbars, browser helper objects, and ActiveX controls.  Come learn about the potential compatibility challenges and lessons the IE team learned working with the top web sites and extension authors during IE7 development.  Come test your own content and extensions for compatibility, on machines pre-loaded with test builds of IE7 and compatibility testing tools.  Members of the IE team will be on hand to help you diagnose and debug any issues you might encounter.

Come prepared to test your own site and extensions.  To best prepare before the event, you can review the following resources ahead of time:

  • Known Issues with Beta 2 Preview
  • Index of Documentation on Compatibility
  • IE7 Preparation Checklist

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