Mix 06
  • Live in Vegas

The MIX Party Starts at 6 at TAO . . . is that AM or PM?

Of course the primary reason to go to MIX is for all of the sessions you'll attend, the content you'll pick up, and the conversations you'll participate in.  But let's face it, the parties matter too!  And if you're a connoisseur of conference parties like I am (is that a good thing or a bad thing?), you're probably wondering how MIX will stack up. Is the MIX entertainment going to slot in somewhere at the level of a Styx reunion concert at an insurance sales convention (how many times can you hear Mr. Roboto in a 2 hour period anyway?), or is the event team really going to rise to the occasion and come up with something memorable?  Well, since I'm on the event team did you really expect me to go with the Styx option?  Of course not - the official MIX reception is going to rock!  We're holding it at TAO, the newest and most exclusive club in Vegas, in the Venetian hotel on Monday night.  TAO is a New York style hotspot and celebrity hangout brought to Vegas, and it is HUGE!  At 42,000 square feet, Tao's “entertainment complex is among the largest in the world and features Las Vegas' hippest nightclub, coolest ultra-lounge, largest banquet facility and of course, the hottest restaurant in town. Plus rumor has it that Microsoft's very own DrinkBoy has been tapped to create an exclusive, one of a kind original liquid concoction for MIX.  And for those of you who need something to tell the boss when they approve your expenses, I'm sure lots of legitimate networking will be happening at the party too; the waterfalls, century old woods and stones, and their hand-carved 20-foot-tall Buddha floating above an infinity pool will certainly help facilitate those profitable business connections.  So now you know: MIX is striving for new records in event entertainment, with a little something for every taste and desire - will I see you there?

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