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Bolder and Bolder

Take the next step.  Don't imprison your user experience in a tiny little box on the PC; set your user experience free!

The days of the media-web-in-a-box are numbered.  Content is bursting out of the browser, onto the desktop, devices and into your living room.  I've talked about this in “Media, media everywhere, but why on the PC?” and “Extend Your Reach”. 

The days of the static web page are over.  Yes, web is full of them.  However, if you want your site to stand out, you must take the next step.  The sites that make it to lists on Digg, Slashdot, BoingBoing and Wired are sites with compelling experiences and with messages that speak effectively to their users.

Sites with these experiences are the sites that show up in posts on Scobleizer, Chris Pirillo, Dave Winer, Om Malik and other heralds of the next-generation web and technology experiences.  A little notice from the denizens of the blogosphere goes a long way toward building traffic and expanding a brand.

We provide the tools and MIX provides the sessions to help you take this next step.  For Atlas, Scott Guthrie is presenting Developing a Better User Experience with "Atlas" where you'll be led through the construction of a mash-up.  For WPF, Filipe Fortes is presenting Developing a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Application for the ultimate in user experience.

Users are ready and willing to take the next step. Are you?  Join the conversation. Register now.

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