Mix 06
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What can happen in 7.2 minutes? How about a new conversation.

So, by now you probably have heard us say that we really want MIX to be a 72 hour conversation.  Well, we actually decided to start the conversations early.  So we stalked, er, I mean nicely followed some of our top speakers to capture the conversations they have with their co-workers, and then edited these down to a tight, compelling, dare I say hot 7.2 minutes (MIX = 72 hours, these = 7.2 minutes, get it???) of tantalizing geek speak each.  Think of these as appetizers, starter chats, to the main entrée conversations we are going to be having at MIX.  Of course the whole idea is to keep the conversation going, all the way to Vegas, so you can rap right now with some of these folks, via the web.  In case you're counting, so far we've posted conversations about Virtual Earth, IIS, AJAX, IE7, Windows Presentation Foundation, and what's involved with running megasites from the folks at Microsoft.com.  And of course, what kind of MIX team player would I be if I didn't say: stay tuned, there's more to come. 

Let us know if any of these grab your interest, if they tickle your techy bone, or in other words if they are a conversation you think is worth continuing: 

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