Mix 06
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Design Your Way to Vegas

Both the MIX team and the Microsoft Gadget team have launched contests that can get you to MIX for free.  The MIX challenge is called Remix MIX and was inspired by the amazing work in CSS design at CSS Zen Garden.  If you've never been to the site, you owe it to yourself to see the beautiful work being done there.  Check it out and you'll immediately understand what we are doing for our Remix competition.  We provide you with the CSS of our home page and you supply the inspiration and creativity to Remix the MIX homepage with your own design.  Three winners will each receive a full MIX conference pass PLUS airfare and lodging!  And wait, there's more!  We've also created three truly unique Xbox 360s “remixed” in the MIX theme; each winner gets to take one of these home as well (hello, do Microsoft employees get to enter?  J-e-a-l-o-u-s!).  We will have pictures and a video of the Xboxes up in a few days so you can see just how cool these one of a kind 360's are.

The Microsoft Gadget team has also kicked off a cool MIXed up Gadget contest that will get you to MIX on the house.  They are accepting MIX themed Gadgets and will send one winner to Vegas on Microsoft!   

So get involved in the MIX.  Your creativity might be your complimentary ticket to the conversation.

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