Title: BTB017 - Building a Real World WPF Application: The North Face In-Store Explorer
Darren David
Darren is the engineering lead for all of Fluid's Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) technology efforts. He is responsible for technical design, team and client management of Microsoft related work. Darren created an application for The North Face demonstrating WPF capabilities that was included in Microsoft Vice President Jim Allchin's Keynote address at the PDC 2005 conference. As lead engineer on the Kaplan SAT Online Test Prep project, Darren lead the design and development of a sophisticated system of client and server applications that allowed Kaplan course designers to easily develop and implement online test preparation materials for the SAT exam. Darren also architected and implemented a DVD-ROM-based application for the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) to teach youth about the concepts behind video production. The application included a full-featured non-linear video sequencing/editing tool built entirely in Macromedia Flash MX and Director MX.
The North Face hired Fluid, a pioneer in online retail customer experience, to develop a retail kiosk using the rich media, animation and 3-D capabilities of Windows Presentation Foundation. This session walks through how the application was built, discussing design decisions and performance optimizing behaviors that were used. The session covers how the architecture of the application model as a whole was designed, and delves into the creation of the video carousel. The session is delivered by Darren David, Fluid's lead engineer on the project.
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