Mix 06
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Welcome to Virtual MIX - a place where those who couldn't attend or attendees who couldn't be everywhere at once, can catch up on the action from MIX06!

Virtual MIX offers a deeper look into the range of Web technologies from Microsoft including videos of partner and customer participants, audio, photos, links to commentary from Microsoft bloggers and more!

  • Amazon.com Wish List RSS Feeds

    Today Amazon.com customers can subscribe to the Amazon Wish Lists of their friends and family through RSS feeds. By using these SLE-enabled (simple list extension) RSS feeds through browsers such as IE7, Amazon customers can now stay up-to-date with what the people they care about want as gifts. Watch Drew Herdener from Amazon.com demo the new functionality.

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  • TitleZ, Keeping Track of Amazon Sales Rankings

    Watch as Arthur Wait demonstrates TitleZ a website built with the "Atlas" framework that allows authors, publishers, and others interested in book publishing to see how individual books and groups of books have performed on Amazon.com over time by tracking the Amazon.com Sales Ranks of hundreds of thousands of books. With just a few clicks, you can identify trends with book-buying consumers. Go far beyond the top 10 or 100 bestsellers to see which topics within a given topic area are gaining in interest, which are declining.

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  • iBloks 3-D personalized entertainment demo

    Watch as Julia Miller demonstrates iBloks, a new way to express yourself, share and play with digital content in a totally immersive 3D environment. Using the Windows Presentation Foundation, the iBloks software enables people to mix any type of media assets including music, photos, video, or games to create personalized entertainment™ experiences. People can use their own content or connect to the iBloks shop to purchase licensed digital content from top media companies. After they create their personalized iBlok model, game or card they can easily share their iBlok with friends via email, IM, or on their own web pages or blogs.

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