Mix 06
  • Live in Vegas
Welcome to Virtual MIX - a place where those who couldn't attend or attendees who couldn't be everywhere at once, can catch up on the action from MIX06!

Virtual MIX offers a deeper look into the range of Web technologies from Microsoft including videos of partner and customer participants, audio, photos, links to commentary from Microsoft bloggers and more!

  • REZN8 NASCAR demo for Windows Media Center

    Watch REZN8’s demo -- and enabled by the use of Windows Presentation Foundation -- of a carouseling, 3D video portal created for Electric RED to provide consumers with access to selected NASCAR content. Not only is REZN8 acknowledged as a leader in broadcast graphics and animation, but also as a pioneer in the design and development of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), company branding and real-time viewer experiences. The company's Emmy-award winning creations reflect its unique marriage of design with a deep understanding of technology and the foresight to anticipate its impact on the creative process.

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  • eBay demonstrates Windows Live Gadgets

    Adam Trachtenberg from eBay demonstrates the new eBay Search Widget for the Windows Live.  Built on Web services, the widget makes it easier for consumer to search eBay directly from the Windows Live portal. 
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  • Squeet demo

    Watch as Hamid Shojaee, demonstrates Squeet, a free service to receive any RSS feed via email in your existing email client, such as Outlook. All the benefits of email with no software to install. Squeet uses "Atlas" technologies as well as C#, .NET Framework 2.0, SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005.

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