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  • All Sessions Are Now Online

    We know youve been waiting. Perhaps you attended MIX06, but you werent able to view three simultaneous sessions (an advanced conference technique one hones after years and years of TechEds and PDCs). Or, maybe you didnt make it to the event because we filled up before your boss approved your travel. Whatever the reason, you can now view all 52 ...
    Posted to mix blog (Weblog) by jritz on May 4, 2006
  • That’s a Wrap!

    The MIX team at Microsoft is going through withdrawals.&nbsp; First we were in denial; some of us refused to leave Vegas for days.&nbsp; Then there was anger.&nbsp; How ''%$@^##&amp; dare you not expect me to work 18 hours a day on MIX?&nbsp; Next came bargaining.&nbsp; Oh, please, please let me keep working on MIX, if you do I promise to be ...
    Posted to mix blog (Weblog) by jritz on April 6, 2006
  • Thanks for joining us…

    Well, the fat lady is about to sing.&nbsp; Thank you for joining us at the inaugural MIX event.&nbsp; We hope you had an interesting, informative, educational, worthwhile and fun time with us here in Vegas.&nbsp; We are reading your session evals, checking out the blogs and talking to you about how we can do better next time (and there will be a ...
    Posted to mix blog (Weblog) by jritz on March 22, 2006
  • Vista Partner Showcase

    Wowed by the WPF-based Vista demos you saw during the MIX keynotes and general sessions?&nbsp; Check out the Vista Partner Showcase in the Sandbox and see demos from REZN8, Avenue A | Razorfish, Fluid, iBloks, NASCAR, AMG, Car &amp; Driver, The North Face and other Origami applications!
    Posted to mix blog (Weblog) by jritz on March 21, 2006
  • Check out the MIX06 Bot on Windows Live Messenger!

    Ever talk to a Bot before?&nbsp; Now's your chance! Add ''mix06info@hotmail.com'' to your contact list in Windows Live or MSN Messenger.&nbsp; The MIX06 bot can tell you about sessions, speakers, schedules at MIX06 (type ''sessions Wednesday'').&nbsp; And, when you're ready for some fun, the MIX06 bot can help you find a restaurant, show, or a ...
    Posted to mix blog (Weblog) by jritz on March 21, 2006
  • MIX Sessions Streamed in a Month

    The keynotes are available now on Virtual MIX and the rest of the sessions will be streamed in about 4 weeks.&nbsp; Check back here for updates on content over the next month.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Tag: MIX06&nbsp;&nbsp;
    Posted to mix blog (Weblog) by jritz on March 21, 2006
  • Sandbox in the MIX Sky

    What?&nbsp; A free hosted website. Who?&nbsp; Each MIX attendee gets their own. Where?&nbsp; Anywhere! From your laptop or at the CommNet via Internet Alley. When?&nbsp; Now, but it will also be available for 6 months after the conference. Why?&nbsp; Why not!&nbsp; Be a part of the experiment.&nbsp; The Sandbox is a virtual playground for you
    Posted to mix blog (Weblog) by jritz on March 21, 2006
  • Join Us @ the MIX Chat on Wednesday

    Wednesday, March 22, 12:45 pm 2:45 pm, Delfino/Lando rooms on the 4th floor.&nbsp; Grab something to eat and talk one-on-one with MIX speakers, staff, and your fellow attendees.&nbsp; Topics include the following, plus more tables will also be available for ad-hoc and Birds of a Feather (BOF) discussions: DELFINO ROOMTechnologies: Atlas ...
    Posted to mix blog (Weblog) by jritz on March 21, 2006
  • Look Ma . . . We're in Dean's Keynote

    I was sitting in Dean Hachamovitch's keynote rehearsal and got a preview of a cool IE7 RSS demo featuring the MIX blog, so thought I would write a short post to say hi to the MIXers who are sitting in the audience (OK, stop reading this and start listening to Dean again).&nbsp; For those who aren't here with us in Sin City you can watch the ...
    Posted to mix blog (Weblog) by jritz on March 20, 2006
  • Virtual MIX

    If youre not able to attend MIX, check out Virtual MIX, http://blog.mix06.com/virtualmix, to see and hear all the action happening at MIX06. Virtual MIX will offer a deeper look into the range of Web technologies from Microsoft including videos of partner and customer participants, audio, photos and more!&nbsp; You can also subscribe to the RSS ...
    Posted to mix blog (Weblog) by jritz on March 20, 2006
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